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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weather Input Advancements in DemandWatch V5.0 Bring More Accurate Water Demand Forecasting Results to Users

Innovyze Press Release
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Weather Input Advancements in DemandWatch V5.0 Bring More Accurate Water Demand Forecasting Results to Users
New Version Delivers Accurate Forecast of Short-Term Water Demands for Near-Optimal Real-Time Control of Water Networks plus Anomaly Detection
Broomfield, Colorado, USA, July 22, 2014 — Expanding the boundaries of smart water network innovation, Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced the worldwide release of the V5.0 Generation of its DemandWatch for accurate and reliable water demand forecasts.
The new release expands the ability of water utilities worldwide to effectively leverage historical demand data to estimate future water demands for near-optimal real-time control and management of their water distribution systems under varying weather conditions. The software’s primary strength lies in its adaptive demand forecasting process, which can continually update and refine estimated demand values in real time. Armed with this power, water utilities can better plan, operate and manage their water distribution systems; improve conservation measures and anomaly detection; minimize energy consumption; meet regulatory compliance; and enhance customer service.
Water distribution network modeling is the most effective and viable way of predicting system behavior to solve a variety of design, operational and water quality problems. One critical tool for ensuring reliable network model predictions is the accurate estimation of short-term (e.g., daily) water demands. DemandWatch is expressly designed to give water utilities accurate water demand forecasts for their distribution network models. By helping utility planners and managers understand spatial and temporal patterns of water use these models can aid in optimizing system operations and capital planning.
DemandWatch was successfully used by Optimise (a joint venture between J Murphy and Sons, Barhale Construction plc, Clancy Docwra Ltd and MWH Ltd) to help identify anomalous demand patterns in south London, UK,” said Christopher M. Bros, Project Manager for MWH UK Ltd. “We trained DemandWatch on historic data and used autoregression forecasting to locate potential bursts, background leakage rises and boundary breaches in DMAs (District Metered Areas). Its ability to accurately forecast short-term (24-48 hours ahead) helped our engineers differentiate data noise from underlying trends, improving our ability to guide the leak location activities of on-site teams.”
Added Bros: “DemandWatch’s predictor had to cope with varying night demand patterns through winter New Year celebrations and spring holiday periods, including city centre locations such as the iconic London Eye and suburban districts. Leakage monitoring uses 15-minute real-time data, and I was extremely impressed withDemandWatch’s accuracy in matching such short interval patterns and correctly predicting night flow usage for the subsequent 24-hour period.”
Designed for real-time applications, DemandWatch analyzes patterns from historical demand data and uses a powerful combination of Fourier transform and time-series autoregression modeling to accurately predict short-term (e.g., 24 or 48 hours) water demands. These patterns are used to identify both seasonal and weekly periodicities in daily water demands and daily periodicities in hourly water demands. A sequential fitting of terms is automatically generated to reveal patterns between days and hourly patterns within days. Fourier transforms are used to find daily cyclical patterns. Autoregressive terms add a “short-term memory” to fine tune daily and hourly predictions, greatly increasing the accuracy of forecasted values. 
DemandWatch generates water demand forecasts at hourly intervals or at finer user-defined resolutions. Innovyze IWLive can readily use the output to perform accurate simulations that reliably predict network operational performance over the next few hours or days. The results of these simulations can then be used to achieve optimal operation and management of water distribution systems and detect real-time anomalies.
Extremely powerful and flexible, DemandWatch can also assist engineers in configuring and calibrating network models, aided by graphs and other reporting tools. Its adaptive learning process enables it to continuously generate predictions, taking observations from the recent past and predicting demand for the near future. Even if there is a loss of observed telemetry data, DemandWatch can still generate predictions from cyclical components of the model.
Easy to learn and use, DemandWatch is available as a stand-alone program that runs on nearly any computer or as a complementary module of IWLive. It can be installed, up and running in just a few minutes on a utility’s local computer. DemandWatch results can easily be integrated with other Innovyze smart water network solutions including InfoWater and InfoWorks WS.
Support for weather conditions is a key feature of the new release. DemandWatch can now take into account unexpected temperature changes, especially important during unusually hot summer days. Temperature data is optional; if no historical weather data or weather forecasts are available, DemandWatch will still compute a prediction for future demand. The software can model the effect of unexpected temperature changes on daily demand by taking the difference between the temperature forecast and the historical average temperature for that particular season, multiplying it by a regression factor, and adding it to the predicted daily demand. If the weather forecast is hotter than average, the predicted demand will be increased.
“Accurate short-term water demand pattern forecasting is essential for cost-effective operation and proper risk management of distribution systems,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “DemandWatch is an invaluable planning and operational tool for smart water networks, helping water utilities evaluate the relative impact of different management decisions and detect network anomalies. It also helps operators avoid implementing suboptimal operational control schemes. The new version exemplifies our ongoing commitment to delivering superior value to our customers who manage, operate and sustain safe, reliable drinking water distribution systems.”

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nation’s Seventh-Largest Water Utility Adopts InfoMaster Smart Asset Management Solution

Innovyze Press Release
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Nation’s Seventh-Largest Water Utility Adopts InfoMaster Smart Asset Management Solution
Oakland, California’s East Bay Municipal Utility District Counts on Innovyze Software to Help Manage Rehabilitation of Its Drinking Water Distribution Infrastructure
Broomfield, Colorado, USA, July 15, 2014 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced that the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD), Oakland, California, has chosen industry-leading InfoMaster Water software to help manage the repair, replacement and rehabilitation of its complex drinking water distribution infrastructure.
EBMUD serves over 1.4 million people within 20 cities and two counties covering a 425 square mile service area. It owns and operates six water production treatment plants and distribution system with over 4,000 miles of water mains as well as a Special District which provides wastewater collection and transmission for part of its service area. EBMUD plans to use InfoMaster to create fully prioritized short- and long-term water main rehabilitation, replacement, maintenance and management plans and develop sound, cost-effective capital programs to support them.
Many of the world’s drinking water distribution systems are reaching or have exceeded the end of their design lives and urgently require extensive upgrading through rehabilitation, repair, and/or replacement. As aging systems deteriorate, they become increasingly vulnerable to structural failures and are plagued by excessive leaks, drops in carrying capacity, poor water quality, and service disruptions. Age-related water infrastructure failures are commonly unexpected and catastrophic, resulting in large water losses, flooding, and local area damage.
Because of public health and safety implications, water utilities are forced to meet the challenges of keeping even such aging infrastructures up to date and efficient. Selecting the right pipes for rehabilitation at the right time is one of the main asset management challenges. An understanding of how pipes fail, combined with a quantitative grasp of the underlying causal factors likely to induce failure, is valuable in formulating a targeted approach to rehabilitation, repair and renewal planning. InfoMaster accurately estimates both the likelihood and consequence of failure for each individual pipe in the network, as well as the amount and time of occurrence of future failures. It reliably models the aging processes of water assets and accurately predicts their lifetimes and structural/functional failure potential and distribution over time. This critical information facilitates a proactive approach to identifying and managing these high-risk assets to help preserve structural integrity and keep the network operating well into the future. It also eliminates reactive maintenance (waiting for pipe failures to occur before repairing).
“Preserving the integrity of water network assets helps to ensure they remain available and reliable longer,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer for Innovyze. “Improving the likelihood of smoother operations with fewer interruptions — creating more uptime and less downtime — also means more profits for the operation. InfoMaster combines ease of learning and use with a powerful, comprehensive set of graphical presentation tools, time-based probabilistic asset failure analysis models, and asset integrity management capabilities that can accurately predict structural or functional deterioration of water mains. These unique advantages will help EBMUD develop sound annual replacement plans for critical pipes that balance investment with expected benefits in a risk-based management context. They will also enable the utility to exceed its operational quality standards by extending both asset service life and overall reliability and performance at maximum cost savings — significantly increasing return on investment. Innovyze is very proud to participate in EBMUD’s success in handling these challenges.”

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Innovyze Releases ICMLive Generation V5.0, Expanding the Possibilities for Real-Time Operational Forecasting, Modeling and Management of Urban and Rural Catchments

Innovyze Press Release
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Innovyze Releases ICMLive Generation V5.0, Expanding the Possibilities for Real-Time Operational Forecasting, Modeling and Management of Urban and Rural Catchments
Latest Version Adds Increased Data Source Compatibility and Powerful Historic Mode Capability
Broomfield, Colorado, USA, July 8, 2014 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced the worldwide release of the V5.0 Generation of its ICMLive for timely, accurate and reliable catchment forecasts. The new release expands the ability of wastewater utilities and river authorities worldwide to harness the power of real-time data, scenario planning and predictive modeling to transform the operation and management of their collection systems and anticipate and mitigate the effects of extreme weather-related events.
A powerful risk assessment and real-time decision making tool, ICMLive enables managers and operators to consider the influence of a full range of catchment factors in the management of flooding and reduction of unregulated discharges; the optimization of storage and existing infrastructure for savings on capital works; and the optimization of pumps to lower energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. The software is designed to work automatically. Once a system is configured, real-time data is continually and automatically harvested and quality-checked. This data can be derived from a number of sources, including observed and forecasted radar rainfall, online water quality measurements, and ancillary structure and pump operation time series. Simulations are run automatically at a user-defined frequency. They draw on the full hydrodynamic and technological capabilities of InfoWorks ICM, including one- and two-dimensional modeling techniques, real-time control, dynamic water quality analysis, and GPU-enhanced and remote simulation. Simulation frequency can change in response to user-defined conditions. For example, increased rainfall intensity can trigger a reduction in the interval between simulations.
Support for additional telemetry data source formats is a key feature of the new release. Data can now be acquired from Proficy Historian (previously known as iHistorian), developed by GE Intelligent Platforms (Charlottesville, VA), and ClearSCADA, developed by Schneider Electric (Rueil-Malmaison, France). These additions, combined with existing support for Oracle, SQL Server, PI and generic ODBC and CSV data source formats, make ICMLive compatible with the majority of world-leading telemetry systems.
Version 5.0 also adds a new Historic Mode capability to ICMLive, allowing an operator to recreate and reassess system scenarios from any previous time. With the additional option of incorporating user edits to the data, utilities and river authorities can explore a range of different response decisions to identify system best practice. The capability also serves as an invaluable training tool, enabling new operators to quickly gain crucial experience without the need to access a live system.
The latest version also benefits from a raft of additional layout, usability and performance enhancements. These include extended alert definition functionality; the ability to add free text to email alert content; and a number of improvements to the Operator Client interface, central to the use of ICMLive within the control room. In addition, ICMLive V5.0 benefits from enhancements to the underlying InfoWorks ICM V5.0 engine, including 2D mesh enhancements, additional runoff models and expanded initial condition options.
For a complete listing of new features and capabilities in ICMLive V5.0, visit the “What’s New” section in the online help.
ICMLive continues to expand its capabilities as the leading product for real-time operational forecasting and modeling of urban and rural catchments in the market,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE,Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “Wastewater utilities and river authorities of all sizes rely on this mission-critical solution to proactively manage and operate their collection systems on a day-to-day basis. The features made available in ICMLive Version 5.0 allow both new and experienced operators to have complete confidence in the underlying data sources, hydraulic models and forecasts — and ultimately in the policies and procedures they employ to optimally manage their catchments.”

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to Search A Twitter Account

A Top Ten List of Advantages of InfoSWMM over SWMM 5 (IMO)

Introduction:  I have been working on the various versions of SWMM since 1980 when I was a co-author and co-developer of SWMM3, a co-author and co-developer of SWMM4 in 1988 and a co-developer of SWMM 5 from 2002/2006.   I have worked at Innovyze as a Product Sector Leader since 2008 and have grown to love the power and ability of InfoSWMM and all Innovyze software such as InfoWater, ICM, H2OMap SWMM and InfoSewer.  This blog post explains based on my experience why  InfoSWMM makes you a better modeler or modeller for the SWMM 5 engine rather than just directly using the SWMM 5 engine and GUI available from the USEPA.  I am still an almost daily user of SWMM 5 so I have a constant comparison between the ability of the InfoSWMM Modeling Platform over the SWMM 5 GUI. 

First a  brief Introduction to InfoSWMM or a reminder of the history of InfoSWMM: InfoSWMM for ArcGIS (Esri, Redlands, CA). InfoSWMM  enables engineers to work more efficiently and reliably with very large and complex network models, thanks to improvements in such areas as built-in 64-bit simulation, enhanced water quality modeling, and batch run scenario management using many of the Arc Map tools developed for InfoWater and InfoSewer.. All operations of a typical sewer system — from analysis and design to management functions such as water quality assessment, pollution prediction, sediment transport and deposition, urban flooding, real-time control, and record keeping — are addressed in a single, fully integrated geoengineering environment. The program’s powerful hydraulic and water quality computational engine is based on the current SWMM 5 version, which is endorsed by the USEPA and certified by FEMA.  You can also get almost 24/7 support for InfoSWMM from Innovyze by emailing us at 

My Top Ten Reasons for preferring InfoSWMM over SWMM 5 based on my experience: These are the top ten reasons I have found over the last seven years for using InfoSWMM over the SWMM 5 GUI:
  1.  Scenario, Database and Facility Managers, InfoSWMM allows you to have present and future scenarios and a facility manager so that it is easy to have active and inactive sections of your network,make smaller networks and simulate only portions of  your network for calibration or design.  Domain and Selection Sets for editing and output graphics.  Two hundred plus tools for Elevation Extraction, Pond Extraction, Data Inference, Data Connectivity etc. based on the proven technology and creativity from the Past 18 years of InfoWater development.
  2. The Tools of InfoSWMM and construction of InfoSWMM are based on almost 18 years of InfoWater Arc Map development; you are buying tools that have been proven across platform and modeling engines for many years
  3. Database editing of Network Elements and Output Files in either the Attribute Browser, DB Tables or the Output Report Manager Tables and Graphs.
  4. ArcMap Attribute Table Editing and Layer Properties along with Python scripts in ArcTool Box plus all of the Arc Map Editing tools to alter, edit or expand your modeling network.
  5. Many output graphs and map displays along with editable DB tables of the SWMM5 engine reports for Subcatchments, Links, Nodes, LID Units for all scenarios and calibration graphs.  You can edit and graph each report or graph parameter using many Statistical Functions and Graphical Shapes.
  6. Output Relates, Data Base Queries and Output Statistical Tables for up to 500 Network Elements for Continuous Simulations.  You can analyze up to 1000 years of output for up to 1 million node, link and subcatchment elements.
  7. Domain, Selection Set for Output File Sizes, 32 and 64 Bit Engines, Simulation Manager, Batch Runs and Multi-Core Processing for the Simulation Engine. Domains in particular are fantastic way to edit, view and organize your model input and output.
  8. IjnfoSWMM 2D, InfoSWMM SFEM, InfoSWMM CapPlan, InfoSWMM connection to SWMMLive InfoSWMM connection to InfoMaster for CAP Planning.  InfoSWMM 2D is based on the Innovyze ICM 2D output and engine with the extra ability to edit and create polygons directly in Arc Map. SWMMLive is an AddOn that allows you to use InfoSWMM or SWMM5 models inside of Innovyze ICMLive.
  9. Genetic Algorithm Suite Addons for Calibration parameter estimation for surface hydrology, subsurface hydrology, infiltration, pumps, wet wells, links and the RTK parameters in RDII hydrology.  Genetic Algorithm Suite Addons for the Design of Pump, Links, Wet Wells and Other Physical parameters in your model. Other Suite Addons for Watershed Generation, Dry Weather Flow Estimation, Conduit Storage Synthesis, Pond Design Manager, Risk Assessment Manager, Google Earth Net View, InfoSWMM 2D and Capacity Planning
  10. Many Exchange tools for ODBC, GIS Gateway, Import and Export Manager along with very good SWMM 5 import and InfoSewer direct import.   You can import XLS, CSV, Shapefiles are well as export these ans other formats.
Introduction to InfoSWMM The basic layout and features of InfoSWMM as an Arc Map in Arc GIS[/caption]  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Selects InfoWorks ICM for Local Flood Risk Management

Innovyze Press Release
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East Riding of Yorkshire Council Selects InfoWorks ICM for Local Flood Risk Management
Leading Integrated Catchment Modeling Solution to Assist Lead Local Flood Authority in Compliance with Flood and Water Management Act 2010
Broomfield, Colorado, USA, July 1, 2014 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced that East Riding of Yorkshire Council, UK, has selected InfoWorks ICM, the industry’s leading integrated catchment modeling solution, for local flood risk management. By taking advantage of InfoWorks ICM’s powerful 1D and 2D modeling capabilities and predictive analytics, East Riding will be better positioned to implement an effective and reliable strategy for local flood risk management and maintain regulatory compliance.
“As a Lead Local Flood Authority, we are required to prepare and maintain a strategy for flood risk management in our area,” said Andrew Cooper, Assistant Principal Engineer for East Riding. “InfoWorks ICM will help us undertake this challenge more efficiently and effectively by enabling us to model and assess the extents and impacts of multiple sources of flooding, and helping us develop and test solutions aimed at best protecting people, property, critical infrastructure and the urban environment.”
A hallmark of InfoWorks ICM is its dynamic integration of one-dimensional hydrodynamic simulation of flows in rivers, open channels, and pipe networks with two-dimensional hydrodynamic simulation of surface flooding in the urban environment and river floodplain. The industry-leading software provides a powerful solution for simultaneously modeling belowground and aboveground elements of catchments to accurately represent all flow paths and improve understanding of processes occurring in the holistic environment. The software also takes into account interactions of natural and man-made environments and effectively simulates the water quality impact of polluting runoff and effluent from urban areas. Such advanced capabilities greatly enhance wastewater utilities’ ability to predict overflows; support cost-effective drainage design and management; develop online urban flooding forecasts; conceive and evaluate sound and reliable urban catchment strategies such as storm sewer separation, active real-time control, and provision of adequate additional storage; and improve the operation of any drainage system.
As a sophisticated tool for importing, tracking and auditing large amounts of highly complex data, InfoWorks ICM facilitates the development of cost-effective, innovative solutions to engineering challenges as well as a complete understanding of the processes involved. Multiple simulations can be scheduled across a pool of workstations with results returned to a single location, making for highly effective use of computing resources.
“The Innovyze family of smart network modeling and management solutions continues to be the standard for the world’s largest and most prominent water and wastewater utilities,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F. ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “We are pleased that East Riding has chosen InfoWorks ICM to help the Authority gain a better understanding of current and future extents and impacts of flooding in their areas. Its powerful features will greatly help them improve emergency planning and recovery and develop the solution that best meets their business challenges. We look forward to being a vital part of the continued success of this respected enterprise.”

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