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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Innovyze Releases InfoMaster V5.0 With Extended Work Order Management, Valve Criticality Analysis, Linear Extended Yule Process Pipe Failure Model

Innovyze Press Release
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Innovyze Releases InfoMaster V5.0 With Extended Work Order Management, Valve Criticality Analysis, Linear Extended Yule Process Pipe Failure Model
Highly Advanced Analytical Asset Management Tool Optimizes Water/Sewer Network Rehabilitation Prioritization, Capital Planning Programs for Sustainable Infrastructures
Broomfield, Colorado, USA, December 16, 2014 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today introduced InfoMaster Generation V5.0, with new and improved analysis and reporting applications. Where other ERP systems are focused on electronic records management, InfoMaster is built from the ground up to provide superior business analytics and modeling capabilities. A highly advanced and powerful analytical asset management tool, InfoMaster uses state-of-the-art mathematical models to predict when a water or sewer pipe will fail, helping utilities determine the most cost-effective solution for avoiding or correcting the problem. In this way, users can ensure the best distribution of dollars spent on replacement and repair of underground pipes. It marks the first time utilities have been able to manage and control the flow of both data and water for better, faster and more accurate decision making.

Certified by NASSCO PACP, MACP and LACP V6.0, the new version features the direct use of external tables, such as customs CCTV and inspection data, in the rehabilitation planning decision process. A comprehensive dashboard instantly displays vital network statistics including counts of likelihood and consequence of asset failures, and a streamlined work order management system oversees service requests, field inspections, work orders, and resources. The new version also includes complete manhole rehabilitation assessment and planning tools, a detailed valve criticality analysis for improved infrastructure maintenance and customer service levels, and the Linear Extended Yule Process pipe failure model.

Globally, aging water and wastewater infrastructures are rapidly deteriorating and sometimes failing — with potentially dire human, environmental and financial consequences. As this aging process continues, the need for effective asset integrity management becomes more pressing. Maintaining water and sewer assets in fit-for-purpose condition throughout their target lifespans is a primary goal for utilities worldwide, and selecting the right pipes for rehabilitation at the right time is one of the main challenges of asset management. An understanding of when and how pipes will fail, combined with a quantitative grasp of the underlying causal factors likely to induce failure, is essential in formulating a targeted approach to rehabilitation, repair and renewal planning. InfoMaster accurately estimates both the likelihood and consequence of failure for each individual pipe in the network, as well as the amount and time of occurrence of future failures. This critical information facilitates a proactive approach to identifying and managing these high-risk assets to help preserve structural integrity and keep the network operating well into the future. It also eliminates reactive maintenance: waiting for pipe failures to occur before repairing.

InfoMaster comprehensive asset integrity modeling techniques provide reliable pipe failure predictions, even for limited failure records and application to different pipe materials. They include the Linear Extended Yule Process (LEYP), the Cox proportional hazards model, and the advanced time-based probabilistic Weibull and Herz models. They can be effectively used to evaluate a variety of pipe characteristics related to failure, and can consider all pipes in the network, not just those with breaks or other failures. Armed with these powerful models, utilities can now accurately assess the aging processes of water and wastewater network pipes and estimate their lifetimes and structural/functional failure potential and distribution over time. Such capabilities can greatly assist water and wastewater utilities in assessing their pipes’ propensity to fail, identifying critical ones (more prone to failure), prioritizing their inspection and determining rehabilitation requirements. This proactive “fix before break” approach can help utilities extend the useful life of their assets and improve their performance at maximum savings.

The InfoMaster product suite automatically imports InfoWater and InfoSWMM network models and facilitates significantly better planning and control by giving utilities critical insight into all enterprise assets, their conditions, aging and work processes. It also features direct integration with Cityworks (Azteca Systems Inc., Sandy, UT) and Lucity (Overland Park, KS), and can interface with other leading maintenance management software (CMMS). The software enables utilities to use information and analytics in new ways to drive higher productivity and quality while managing costs and increasing operational flexibility.

Available exclusively for the Esri (Redlands, CA) ArcGIS 10.x platform, InfoMaster includes components to run on desktop, web, tablet, and smartphone environments. With its “out-of-the-box” approach to geospatial wet infrastructure asset management — a distinct point of differentiation from traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions — InfoMaster revolutionizes business analytics and optimization (BAO) for water and wastewater utilities. While the typical enterprise software deployment requires a 12- to 18-month implementation cycle,InfoMaster can be deployed in just a day to a few weeks — giving small to medium-sized utilities the first-ever opportunity to optimize network management at very low cost. Because InfoMaster data can be organized by project, a single BAO package can be used by both the utility and its engineering consultants — providing enormous flexibility in managing data for multiple utilities.

Using InfoMaster, a utility can manage its entire underground infrastructure directly from the Esri geodatabase to deliver unmatched engineering productivity and network performance. Because any analysis is only as strong as its underlying data, InfoMaster includes direct support for gravity pipes, force mains, manholes, laterals, pump stations, closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections, manhole inspections, smoke testing, customer incidents and other field activities. Data can be read directly from an enterprise geodatabase; imported or linked to third-party ERP systems; or entered directly through the desktop, Web, or companion smartphone or tablet applications.

(CCTV acceptance inspection of sewers is standard practice in the U.S. and Australia. The PACP, MACP and LACP programs of the US National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) and the Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia WSA05, published by the Australian Water Services Association, provide guidance to utilities in determining the acceptability of sewer defects and features.)

InfoMaster analysis tools are unparalleled in the industry, giving utilities the ability to validate and then “slice and dice” virtually any piece of data. Armed with clean data, they can then use InfoMaster tools and wizards to move nimbly in optimizing operations. Among these tools are applications that can be used to establish a prioritized capital replacement plan based on sound condition assessment; reduce the number of “hotspot” cleaning activities by comparing current cleaning schedules to reported upstream blockage complaints; and overlay smoke testing defects reported in real time via an iPhone with Bing (Microsoft, Redmond, WA) aerial maps to facilitate identification of older houses with cross connections.

“Preserving the physical integrity of water and sewer network assets helps ensure they remain available and reliable longer,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer for Innovyze. “Improving the likelihood of smoother operations with fewer interruptions — creating more uptime and less downtime — also leads to more profits for the operation. InfoMaster is a must have for meeting these goals. It combines ease of learning and use with a powerful, comprehensive set of graphical presentation tools, time-based probabilistic asset failure analysis models, and asset integrity management capabilities for accurate prediction of structural or functional deterioration of water and wastewater pipes. Faced with challenging budget constraints, these unique advantages help water and wastewater utilities develop sound annual replacement plans for critical pipes that balance investment with expected benefits in a risk-based management context. They also enable users to exceed their operational quality standards by extending both asset service life and overall reliability and performance at maximum cost savings — significantly increasing return on investment.”

Pricing and Availability
InfoMaster V5.0 is now available worldwide by subscription. InfoMaster FieldWork and InfoMaster FacilityWatchare available from the Apple iTunes App Store. For the latest information on the Innovyze Subscription Program, including availability and purchase requirements, visit or contact your local Innovyze Channel Partner.
About Innovyze
Innovyze is a leading global provider of wet infrastructure business analytics software solutions designed to meet the technological needs of water and wastewater utilities, government agencies, and engineering organizations worldwide. Its clients include the majority of the largest UK, Australasia and North American cities, foremost utilities on all five continents, and ENR top-rated design firms. With unparalleled expertise and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the Innovyze connected portfolio of best-in-class product lines empowers thousands of engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, protect, operate and sustain highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems, and provides an enduring platform for customer success. For more information, call Innovyze at +1 626-568-6868, or visit
Innovyze Contact
Timothy Gallagher, P.E., PMP
Executive Action Officer

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Innovyze Retires InfoWorks CS with Launch of More Powerful Next-Generation InfoWorks ICM SE Collection Systems Modeling Software

Innovyze Press Release
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Innovyze Retires InfoWorks CS with Launch of More Powerful Next-Generation InfoWorks ICM SE Collection Systems Modeling Software
New InfoWorks ICM SE Poised to Dominate Sanitary, Storm and Combined Sewer Modeling and Management for Next Decade and Beyond
Broomfield, Colorado, USA, December 2, 2014 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced it has retired its InfoWorks CS software, which is being succeeded by the more powerful, next-generation InfoWorks ICM SE. Current users may continue to use and receive support for InfoWorks CS until December 1, 2015.

Since its initial release in February 2014, InfoWorks ICM SE has rapidly become the solution of choice for collection systems modeling by wastewater utilities and their consultants around the world. InfoWorks ICM SEincorporates all the powerful analysis features and capabilities of InfoWorks ICM for comprehensive sewer collection systems modeling, but without 2D simulation of surface flooding. It gives wastewater utilities an enhanced set of tools and functionalities and an enriched modeling experience for managing and operating sewer networks.

InfoWorks ICM SE is a fully-dynamic sewer network modeling solution that uses a fast, accurate and unconditionally stable implicit numerical solution scheme — delivering a high degree of confidence in simulation results. It can be effectively used to model any complex sanitary, storm and combined sewer system, offering complete hydrology, hydraulic and water quality simulation and sophisticated real-time control (RTC) modeling capabilities. (As a specialized version of InfoWorks ICMSE does not model overland flow or 2D flooding.) A significantly more powerful version of InfoWorks CSInfoWorks ICM SE automates many user-intensive operations, helping engineers minimize time spent creating, calibrating and simulating reliable sewer models and analyzing results.

“Innovyze is committed to providing the best possible products and quality support for its users,” said Mohamed Abdillahi, UK Director of Product Development. “InfoWorks ICM SE is by far the best collection systems modeling software we’ve ever developed for the workgroup management platform. Our product philosophy is quite simply to make bold intellectual investments in superior technologies and to consistently adapt to our customers’ changing needs. Only in this way can we continue to best serve our customers and society for the greater good.”

Commented J. Erick Heath, P.E., Vice President and Americas Business Director, “Innovyze has a rich history of introducing the most powerful and comprehensive dynamic sewer modeling software to the global wastewater community, and InfoWorks ICM SE is the crowning achievement in that long series. Starting with WASSP in 1983 and continuing with Wallrus (1989), SPIDA (1991), HydroWorks (1994), InfoWorks CS (1998) and the latestInfoWorks ICM SE (2014). We are committed to maintaining the momentum of these cutting edge technology introductions to help our customers meet the evolving challenges of the future. It is all about making Innovyze not only the best in the industry but the best for the industry.”

InfoWorks CS users will greatly benefit from an improved interface and enhanced visualization and reporting tools (e.g., undo/redo, recycle bin, no admin program, customized property sheet, dockable Windows and themes). Other significant advantages include substantially faster simulation run times with full 64 bit multi-core processing support; additional modeling capabilities (e.g., SWMM5.1 and modified Horton infiltration method, non-prismatic open channels, H2S, algae, nutrient dynamics); an enhanced database; version control and complete scenario management; multivariable themes and mapping; and stunning graphics. These advanced capabilities make it easier for users to set up, visualize and manage simulations and arrive at fast, reliable solutions to support cost-effective drainage design, operation and management.

“Wastewater utilities around the world rely on Innovyze’s best-in-class network modeling solutions to optimize their collection systems and better serve their customers,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE,Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “InfoWorks ICM SE represents a quantum leap in the art and science of sewer collection systems modeling. It is poised to dominate this important industry for the next decade and beyond. Users of InfoWorks CS can now fully leverage the increased power, flexibility, usability and cutting-edge feature set of InfoWorks ICM, along with groundbreaking gains in speed, to easily generate optimized solutions as quickly as possible. This is the next generation of InfoWorks CS — one that empowers engineers worldwide with unprecedented levels of sewer collection system modeling and simulation flexibility.”

Please visit our Blog for Frequently Asked Questions regarding sunsetting InfoWorks CS.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A rise in Pipe Inverts Across a SWMM 5 Node, What Node and Link Invert Elevations Does SWMM 5 Use?

A rise in Pipe Inverts Across a SWMM 5 Node

Subject:  This is how SWMM 5 handles  jumps in pipe invert across a node. 
 The water surface in the node determines the flow in the link, as the depth increases due to upstream inflow eventually the downstream link will start flowing.

@RDICKINSON TWITTER Collection for November 30, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Charting Your Smart Water Strategy by Innovyze

InfoMaster Webinar
Smart Water technology continues to evolve at an astounding pace with new solutions entering the market promising huge energy savings, accounting for every drop of water, predicting pipeline failures, and more.  The promise and hype of smarter water systems have intrigued many utilities, but adoption isn’t widespread. Costs and benefits—the limiting factors—many times can’t be easily justified. 
What has always worked in the industry is incremental change; take a complex problem with multiple moving parts and slowly solve it one part at a time starting with the low-hanging fruit. This approach means the industry needs practical, intermediate and cost-effective solutions to work before operators and managers are ready to use or believe in automated smart water sensing technology.
This four part webcast series, titled “Charting Your Smart Water Strategy”, outlines just such an approach.  Each live webcasts will outline an intermediate and actionable step to building your own smart water system.
Charting your Smart Water Strategy” Webcasts include:
Smart Water Step 1: Build Your Operational Hydraulic Model12/11/2014
Turning SCADA (and other Real-time Data) into Actionable Information Across Your Utility01/07/2015
Using Real-Time Models to Effectively Respond to Emergencies01/29/2015
Real-time Energy Optimization for Maximum Savings02/25/2015
To attend this event please use the registration form below.




Who should attend?

  • Public Works Directors
  • Planning Managers
  • Engineering Directors
  • Operations Managers
  • GIS/IT Managers


Date and Time

The Webinar Series will run from 12:00pm - 1:00pm (EST) starting Thursday, December 11st, 2014. And ends on February 25th, 2015.
For full list of available Webcasts, please check the registration information below.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

@RDICKINSON for @Innovyze on @Medium or my Modeling Posts on Medium

This is a 2014 blogging experiment - a new set of posts on Medium.  I got the idea from @boonsri  The blogs describe @Innovyze software and SWMM5

Robert E Dickinson

Friday, November 21, 2014

Showing Multiple Link Attributes in InfoSewer

This blog shows how to display multiple link parameters.

The 1st method would be to use Arc Map Layer properties and label multiple parameters for each gravity main or force main.  The image below shows and example and here is the code inside of Arc Map to do this

Function FindLabel ( [DIAMETER], [Pipe.SHAPE_Length], [COEFF] )
  FindLabel = [DIAMETER] & " m / "  & " " & [Pipe.SHAPE_Length]  &  " m / n "   & [COEFF] 
End Function
Arc Map Label Annotation


Function FindLabel ( [DIAMETER], [Pipe.SHAPE_Length], [COEFF] )
  FindLabel = " D= " & [DIAMETER] & " m / L="  & " " & [Pipe.SHAPE_Length]  &  " m / n "   & [COEFF] 
End Function
Label Properties in Arc Map or Arc GIS

The 2nd method is to use Annotation and Map Display in InfoSewer

If you want to show both pipe diameter and slope on the map of InfoSewer you will have to workaround the limitation of having only one map variable:
1. You can map the diameter using Map Display and then
2. Use the Annotation tool to show the 2nd variable such as Length or slope.
3. Here is an example with different colors for diameter and length

Map Display and Annotation in InfoSewer

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

InfoSWMM 2D Version 13 Brings Significant 1D and 2D Simulation Advancements To Power Users

InfoSWMM 2D Version 13 Brings Significant 1D and 2D Simulation Advancements To Power Users

Latest Release Confirms Product as Leading GIS-centric Urban Drainage Modeling and Management Solution

Broomfield, Colorado, USA, November 18, 2014

Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today announced the worldwide availability of the V13 Generation of its industry-leading InfoSWMM 2D for ArcGIS (Esri, Redlands, CA). InfoSWMM 2D delivers new ways to quickly and accurately build and analyze very large and comprehensive two-dimensional (2D) models that reliably simulate complex urban stormwater, sanitary sewers, river flooding and pollutant transport. It allows users to accurately predict the extent and duration of urban and rural flooding for comprehensive stormwater management directly within the powerful ArcGIS environment.

A fully hydrodynamic geospatial stormwater modeling and management software application, InfoSWMM 2D can be used to model the entire land phase of the hydrologic cycle as applied to urban stormwater systems. Built atop ArcGIS and using exceptionally robust and efficient numerical simulation capabilities, the model can perform single-event or long-term (continuous) rainfall/runoff simulations accounting for climate, soil, land use, and topographic conditions of the watershed. In addition to simulating runoff quantity, InfoSWMM 2D can reliably predict runoff quality, including buildup and washoff of pollutants from primarily urban watersheds. It also features very sophisticated Real-Time Control (RTC) schemes for the operational control and management of hydraulic structures.

A hallmark of InfoSWMM 2D is its dynamic integration of one-dimensional (1D) hydrodynamic simulation of flows in open channels, HEC-22 inlets and closed pipe networks with two-dimensional (2D) hydrodynamic simulation of surface runoff, evaporation, infiltration and flooding in the urban environment. The dynamic integration, achieved through an explicit coupling of 1D and 2D flow equations, provides a powerful solution for simultaneously modeling belowground and aboveground elements of watersheds to accurately represent all flow paths and improve understanding of holistic processes. InfoSWMM 2D also directly simulates the rainfall and infiltration on both the watershed and the 2D surface to better simulate 1D flooding, 2D surface flooding, 2D shallow groundwater recharge and complex 1D and 2D surface interactions.

The full 2D free-surface shallow water equations are solved using a highly advanced finite volume method, which is particularly suitable for rapidly varying flood flows such as those moving through steep streets and road junctions and those associated with bank overtopping or breaching. The unparalleled 1D/2D dynamic linking capabilities of InfoSWMM 2D give engineers the unprecedented power to analyze and predict potential flood extents, depth and velocity and accurately model the interaction of surface and underground systems in an integrated 1D/2D environment. The software can be used to simulate point sources, 2D boundaries, multiple 2D mesh and simulation polygons in a sewer or stormwater network. The combined water level and velocity results throughout the flooded areas can be viewed as various comprehensive graphs; tables; or animated, thematic flood maps.

Among its many new enhancements, Version 13 uses a significantly improved 2D simulation engine, the flexible InfoSWMM ArcMap polygon tools, a 1D InfoSWMM engine based on the latest EPA SWMM 5.1, a new 1D and 2D graphics engine and a comprehensive Output Report Manager and Statistical Event Manager for both 1D and 2D output. In addition, the new release allows users to instantly visualize the maximum extent of flooding in vivid 2D and 3D maps.

“We’re deeply committed to providing a geospatial modeling experience that is both intuitive and powerful, and InfoSWMM 2D V13 embodies that commitment,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “This release delivers major geotechnological and computational enhancements in short release cycles to make sure our customers are always equipped with the ultimate ArcGIS-centric decision support tool for stormwater and urban drainage systems. It greatly extends the core features of InfoSWMM, providing the most powerful and comprehensive ArcGIS-centric tool kit ever for managing the risks of urban and rural flooding. This is a must have for effectively controlling and managing sanitary sewer and combined sewer overflows.”

Monday, November 17, 2014

Arc Map Backwards Compatibility for InfoSWMM

Arc Map Backwards Compatibility for InfoSWMM:
  1. Use windows explorer to, make a zero byte mxd file with the same name as your isdb folder, 
  2. click on the blank mxd file and initialize InfoSWMM or InfoWater, 
  3. Use the Table of contents to zoom to an InfoSWMM layer, 
  4. fix the extents of the map in arc gis by using Data Frame, 
  5. save the Arc Map to make a model in your version of Arc Map

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Three Key Parameters in InfoSWMM/SWMM5 for Time Steps, Iterations, Tolerance

RDICKINSON TWITTER Collection for November 15, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The 10 year Anniversary of the release of EPA SWMM 5

A colleague mentioned that this is the 10th year anniversary of EPA SWMM 5. I thought this important or noteworthy anniversary was worthy of a short blog.

The release dates for SWMM 5 are from

which is in the download section of the EPA SWMM site 

Build 5.0.002 (11/1/04)
Engine Updates
1. Modifications made to the Picard method used for dynamic wave
   flow routing routine.

Build 5.0.001 (10/29/04)
First official release of SWMM 5.

since there were 4 releases during a 4 week period, it might be better to consider the whole month the release date for SWMM 5.0.001 to SWMM

Wikipedia has the whole timeline of SWMM 1/2/3/4/5

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Innovyze Introduces InfoNet Suite Edition, Enabling Expansion of Asset Performance Management to the Entire Enterprise

Innovyze Press Release
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Innovyze Introduces InfoNet Suite Edition, Enabling Expansion of Asset Performance Management to the Entire Enterprise
Comprehensive Asset Management Software Suite Lets Municipalities, Public Works, and Water/Wastewater Utilities Optimize their Asset Utilization and Performance, and Extend Asset Life at Maximum Savings
Broomfield, Colorado, USA, November 11, 2014 — Innovyze, a leading global innovator of business analytics software and technologies for smart wet infrastructure, today introduced its new InfoNet Suite for developing an effective Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program. Available as a complete product or an upgrade to the industry-leading InfoNet Desktop edition, the new Suite extension dramatically expands the asset management possibilities for public works, utilities and municipalities of all sizes and their consultants and contractors.

InfoNet Suite enables users to create records for any water- or non-water related assets in their networks and then effectively manage, integrate, validate, analyze, and report on those assets. These assets can include roads, signs, benches, schools, buildings, parks and recreation areas, trees, treatment plants, tanks, and pumps as well as water, wastewater and stormwater networks. Users can now gain in depth view and control of all critical assets that affect regulatory compliance, risk and business performance. The powerful modeling capabilities of the Suite also help users prolong the useful life of their physical assets and improve their performance and operational efficiency at maximum savings. Its overarching goal is all about getting more from existing assets. All the commonInfoNet tools can be used with the assets, including data flags, version control, rich thematic maps and SQL analysis.

InfoNet Suite arms users with sophisticated predictive analytics and modeling capabilities, helping them accurately assess the level of asset deterioration and determine both its likelihood and consequence of failure. This critical information facilitates a proactive approach to identifying and managing these high-risk assets to help preserve their integrity and keep them operating well into the future. It also eliminates reactive maintenance — waiting for asset failures to occur before repairing. Users can create reliable, cost-effective, risk-based capital improvement plans that enhance operational efficiency and quality of service and keep assets performing at peak condition while making the most of limited budgets.

With these unique, cutting edge capabilities, InfoNet Suite ensures well-informed, swift, cost-effective and action-oriented decision making for both day-to-day operational management and long-term network planning. To gain the clearest possible picture of their network infrastructures, users can integrate a host of applications and data sets they already use, including generic GIS, corporate databases, maintenance management systems, field data systems, SCADA, hydraulic modeling/analysis software and other corporate applications. The software can also directly integrate with the powerful Esri (Redlands, CA) ArcGIS (9.x-10.x) platform.

The comprehensive nature of InfoNet Suite supports the increasingly widespread adoption of GIS, modeling technology and predictive analytics by the industry, propelling its applications into the next generation. It also furthers Innovyze’s time-honored practice of continually adding value to its software and bringing unmatched asset modeling and management capabilities, backed by unsurpassed technical support, into the mainstream.

“Organizations worldwide face the constant challenge of sustaining their assets with limited resources,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D., BCEEM, NAE, Hon.D.WRE, Dist.D.NE, F.ASCE, President, COO and Chief Technical Officer of Innovyze. “The new InfoNet Suite delivers critical capabilities for meeting this challenge. In particular, it lets users quickly identify under-utilized and poorly performing assets that require immediate attention. The software’s comprehensive asset management, advanced analytics and data collection and analysis capabilities empower organizations to better assess and understand current conditions, predict and fix problems before they occur, prioritize investments, assess return on investment for smarter decisions, and strengthen their infrastructure assets in a phased manner. They are also invaluable aids in reducing operational and capital spending, meeting service expectations and regulatory requirements, and putting their assets on the road to sustainability. This new suite reflects Innovyze’s commitment to continuous product evolution designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry. Our customers count on this commitment to help make theirs the best-run organizations in the world. We are proud to introduce this powerful new solution, knowing that it will make an immediate difference in people’s lives, our communities, and our society.”

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