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H2S Modeling in an InfoSWMM Pond

The control of odorous gases and the corrosion of sewers are the two most important problems in operating wastewater collection systems.  H2S is the most commonly known and prevalent odorous gas associated with domestic wastewater collection and treatment systems.  InfoSewer. InfoSWMM, H2OMap SWMM or H2OMAP Sewer suite gives wastewater engineers a powerful Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tool to readily model and analyze entire sewer collection systems for sulfide generation and corrosion potential under varying conditions anticipated throughout the life of their systems. H2S  predicts sulfide buildup in sewer collection systems for gravity sewers, force mains, and wet wells using the Pomeroy-Parkhurst equations. This unique and powerful tool enables wastewater utilities to pinpoint odor and corrosion problems, develop effective monitoring programs, alert plant operators and sewer maintenance workers to potential danger and the need to observe safety practices, and evaluate and i…

Snippet of 25 Water Quality Constituents for SWMM 5

This is for students of SWMM 5 who want to quickly have many water quality constituents in their model.  You can copy and paste this snippet to your SWMM5.INP file and change the coverages sections to have 25 Pollutants with Buildup and Washoff Sections.  I hope this helps you in your water quality modeling.

;;              Mass  Rain      GW        I&I       Decay     Snow Co-Pollut.      Co-Pollut.DWF
;;Name          Units Concen.   Concen.   Concen.   Coeff.    Only Name            Fraction  Concen.
AmmonicalNitrogenNH3-NMG/L  1         0         0         0         NO   *               0         0
BiochemicalOxygenDemand(BOD)MG/L  1         0         0         0         NO   *               0         0
CalciumHardness MG/L  1         0         0         0         NO   *               0         0
ChemicaOxygenDemandCODMG/L  1         0         0         0         NO   …